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Vision 2020-1 Series Vision 2020-1

Vision 2020-1

When Pigs Fly 1 Series When Pigs Fly 1

When Pigs Fly

Greater 2 Series Greater 2

This message is about the power that lives in us that empowers…

Greater 1 Series Greater 1

This message is about the power that lives in us that empowers…


Vision 2020-1

Vision 2020-1

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly


This message is about the power that lives in us that empowers us to overcome anything we face. If you feel like sometimes you are suffocati

Waiting For The Promise

Waiting For The Promise

Winning Not Whining

Winning Not Whining



Be Not Deceived

Be Not Deceived

Dirty Jobs

Mother's Day 2019

It Is Finished

It Is Finished

What Now

What Now

He Is Risen

Easter 2019

Highway to Joy

Highway to Joy

Speak Lord

Speak Lord your servant is listening 1 Samuel 3:9

Grace for Grace

Grace for Grace

Religion & Politics

Religion & Politics

Bridge Over Troubled Water 1

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions Decisions

A Time to Embrace

A Time to Embrace

Signs, Wonders, & Miracles

How to Experience Signs, Wonders, & Miracles

Occupy Till I Come

Occupy Till I Come

Course Correction

Course Correction

Touching The Heart of God

Touching The Heart of God

Back to Life Back to Reality

Back to Life Back to Reality




There are many spiritual imposters, causing many to waver from the faith. We will look at how to indentify and overcome the tricks and tempt

Living On A Prayer

When we pray we must not only believe, but act upon that belief that God will respond with his power. Learning to trust and depend upon God'

The Prayer That Does Much

The Prayer That Does Much

Standing On The Promises

Standing On The Promises

Don't Forget

Don't Forget

Blessed and Highly Favored

Blessed and Highly Favoed

Keep It Real

Keep It Real

Breaking The Sin Barrier

Breaking The Sin Barrier

Jesus Driven Life

Jesus Driven Life

Great Giveaway 1

Great Giveaway 1

Standing Out, Speaking Up & Not Backing Down

Standing Out, Speaking Up & Not Backing Down

Ancient History

Let's visit the past



What Child Is This

Christmas 2018


There are so many voices that we can listen to. We must learn ti discern God's voice through all of the static of the world so that we can g

The Forge

The Forge

The Assumption

The Assumption

Courage to Continue

There are times in life when there may be uncertainty, confusion, heartache, and pain, but no matter what we face, we must, through God, fin

The Exchange

The Exchange

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Lessons From The Ark

Lessons From The Ark

The Wall

The Wall





The Compelling Story 101

The Compelling Story 101



Learning to Hear His Voice

Learning to Hear His Voice

Day of Atonement

Day of Atonement

Perfect Perfection

Perfect Perfection

Going Nuclear

Going Nuclear

Wonder Working Power

Wonder Working Power

Seven Churches

Seven Churches

No Weapon Formed

No Weapon Formed

Road Trip Theology

Life can take some unexpected turns, but when you have a general understanding of the nature of God's plan and His loving thoughts towards y

Black & White In A World of Gray

Most people unknowingly do not give Jesus enough room to work in their lives, all the while giving the devil a wide space to work. We will l

Working Smarter

Working Smarter

Hair Spray or Hair Cut

Hair Spray or Hair Cut

The Word of Faith

The Word of Faith

Where Do You Stand

When it seems like everything is hard, nothing works out, and everything you put together seems to crumble, all the while your footing is wa

It Is Written

Would you ever want to let an enemy define who you are, and what your purpose is? Definitely not! Then why do so many people let the things

The Meaning of the Bow

The Meaning of the Bow

Trouble Shooting 1

Trouble Shooting

From the Heart

From the Heart

Making the Best

Making the Best

My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

Hope is a beautiful and powerful thing, but our hope is being actively attacked by the enemy, today we will look at how to remain hopeful ev

Don't Stop Believing

Don't Stop Believing

It's Coming

Your blessings are coming.




Pause and pray before you react

The Voice

The Voice

The Inheritance of the Redeemed

The Inheritance of the Redeemed



Enduring the Heat

Enduring the Heat

Love God

Love God

Claiming the Promised Land

Claiming the Promised Land

Back to Basics

Sometimes you gotta go back to the beginning.


Easter 2018

And It Shall Come to Pass Afterward

God has great things for His people, but we must understand what comes BEFORE to obtain what comes AFTER.

Provoked to Purpose

We are called to provoke each other to good works, tonight we will look at how to accomplish that task.

How Does Your Garden Grow

Our lives are like gardens, the question is, what grows in those gardens? Do we cultivate the fruit of the spirit, or allow the works of the

Anchor to My Soul

We are all anchored to something, but sometimes it can be a little hard to tell exactly what to, unless what we're anchored to begins to sin

No Excuses

In the apostle Paul's last letter, he encouraged the pastor Timothy to never give up or give in to the excuses that life may try to hand him

In Service to the King

The church does not exist for itself, it exists for the help of others and the glory of God. We look at what it means to be "In Service to t

God's Perfect Timing

God is never late. He's always on time.

At A More Convenient Time

Sometimes doing what you need to do can seem so inconvenient.We learn that sometimes an inconvenient time is not only the best time but the

Dream Team

It's time to squash the excuses and step up to the plate, there is a great rewardwaiting for those who do!

Wise Men Still Seek Him

The message is the rest of the nativity story from this mornings message, but we also look at the fulfillment of not only the prophesy of th

Christ The Savior Is Born

Join us this Christmas Eve for a message of hope and victory, The Savior was born into the world to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the

Think On These Things

God has given us tools to help us have both peace and victory in this life. We will look at how to cultivate victorious actions and attitude


How to overcome and not be destroyed by the tricks of the enemy. Victory in us is only obtained if it is created.

Who Shall Ascend

There is a place of fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore, but that place is only for those willing to climb the hill. Are you ready fo


It's time we all take a stand in what is right with God!

Chain Reaction

We will be talking about breaking the chains of error that the enemy tries to pull us into. Through the gravity of the Almighty God we can b

If The Blind

The end result of blindness is always the same destination. Make sure that's not your destination.


The apostle Paul was the most predominant writer of the New Testament, through his story we can learn that just because you are in God's wil

Is Your House In Order

Forgive and encourage others make sure your heart is right with God.


We will look at building a good foundation in preparation for whatever is to come in the future, so that we will never give up on our grip o

In Hot Pursuit

We all need to be in hot pursuit of God!

Mine & Yours

There are things God has given us to richly enjoy, but there are also things that He has reserved for Himself. It's important for us to know

The Tree of Life

We will explore the possibility of partaking of the tree of life once again, through the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.


What do you believe, why do you believe it, and are you willing to stake your eternity on that belief? We will look at being accurate with t

Tis The Season

It may seem a little early for this title for a sermon but it will be for the current season of your life for sure!

Called Out

Have you been Called out by God?

In The Shadow of The Cross

The majority of the world calls the cross ridiculous, but for those who know the truth we find the strength of God in our belief when our ob

Eclipse of The Heart

There are things that will cast shadows on our heart and life, separating us from the light and warmth of our Creator. In today's message we

Certain Uncertainty

Each one of us will face times of uncertainty, the big difference is how we will react to these times. Through the trust in our Savior, our

The Tower of Stupid

n the story of the Tower of Babel, a group of people set out to make God obsolete and to make a name for themselves that would last. They we


We have many disadvantages in life, but as a follower of Christ we have many advantages that we can use to make life much easier. We will le

Living The Good Life

In this message we learn to live the good life line by line and little by little.


Just because you can't see it don't mean it does not exist!

Rise Up Press in Let Down

God desires to move in miraculous ways in both our life and church. So often we allow barriers to come between us and what God has for us. I

Good Opportunities in Bad Situations

We look at how we can rejoice even in adversity when God is on our side.

Grace to Help in Time of Need

We all need help, that's a fact. The only questions are do you know it, and do you know where to find it? The right answers are the keys to

Reality Check

Sometimes it's easy to forget what life is really all about. It's easy to get entangled with all the cares and affairs of this life and lose

The Price

We will look at the fact that God wants a better situation for your life, but He has given us a part that we must play.

The Sound of Music

The hills are alive with the sound of music! Don't miss this sermon, there may be some singing in it!

Scare Crow in A Melon Patch

Are you being scared away from important things in your life? What if David would have run from Galiath instead of running at him? Learn how


There are many toxic influences in our life.

Like A Tree Planted

When everyone else is withering away because of the drought and adversity, your leaves and well being can be as good and green as ever.

The Source

We will learn in this message about why keeping God number one in life is important and how God is our only source of happiness.

Sardis-The Church that Used to Be

This message is a story about a church that was once great, but something happened. What happened was it followed a path that society often

My Part

1 Corinthians 12:20 But now are they many members, yet but one body

Walking the Narrow Road

Mark 16:15 And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

More Than Enough

We will learn in this message how to not give up and give in to the devil's tricks.

God is......

There are some important reasons of why we both want and need God in our everyday lives, that we should and can never forget. God is so many


We will look at the importance of remembrance and memorials. The past may be the key to your present peace and your future victory.

Courage to Climb

Climb the stairs to your future with God and don't look back to your past.

Seeking God Series

We will look at why and how we should seek Him, beginning with seeking the "heart" of God, followed by seeking the "face of God" and then se

Made For More

Too many people are content with so little when God wants so much more for us. We will follow the account of the Children of Israel as they

Empty Religion

We will look at the attributes of vain religion and how to keep ourselves from falling into the "religious" trap.

What Do You Do

Sometimes we have unanswered questions, and sometimes the right direction is unclear, but we can relax in the fact that God is still God eve

The Power of Perfect Peace

We will start a new series "The Power of Perfect Peace" Even though we are surrounded by a world of tribulations, we can live a life of peac

Ready or Not

God is coming even if your not ready.

Gone Fishing

Matthew 4:19 And He saith unto them, Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Highways and Hedges

Luke 14:23 And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

We are starting a two part series entitled "Breaking Dawn" Something incredible happened 2000 years ago that greatly impacts you today. Some


We will look at three unlikely people who weren't necessarily perfect but really impressed Jesus. We will look at how maybe we can add some

Setting the Tone

We are called to be the head, not the tail, we are called to lead the world out of destruction not to follow it. This message is about learn


When we volunteer we glorify God!


We are called to be an extension of God's light, love, and truth, we will discuss how to be better conductors, with less resistance.


Do you feel fearless, courageous, powerful, and unstoppable? There's a good chance you don't. But take comfort in the fact that some of the

In the Flesh

God's word is so powerful that He was able to speak the world into existence. God's word is able to radically create and transform in our li

The Mature Church

We will look at the important elements to being a Mature church.

Life An Unexpected Journey

Sometimes life takes some unexpected twists and turns, but through the strength of Christ, our weakness will become our strength.

Connecting With God

We will discuss how to connect with God by some examples in the Bible of everyday people that didn't know Jesus personally yet got connected

Scary Things

You might be surprised at how many scary things aren't really scary at all once we see past the devils smoke and mirrors.

More Like HIm

Striving to be more like Jesus is part of our christian walk, wondering how in the world we can accomplish that is part of our human conditi

We Got to Pray

We vastly misunderstand the importance and reasons we should pray. Prayer is the key to everything, but in most people's lives is greatly ne

God Is In The Details

It is in the reality of details we find both strength to overcome temptation and power to glorify the name of God.

Your Super Bowl

Your life is, in many ways, like the super bowl. You only get one shot at life, there is pain and victory as well as, at times, feelings of

Shelter in the Storm

It was once said "You are either about to go into a storm, in the storm, or just came out of the storm." One thing is for sure, life can thr

Kingdom Authority

The devil tries to intimidate us with temptations and adverse situations in our life, but Jesus has given us authority over all the power of

Passing the Test

It is easy to get our focus off of what is really important in life, but through the truth of Gods word and our constant reevaluation of pri

The Rest of the Story

Most of our disbeliefs are grounded on foundations of misconceptions. Unfortunately, we usually only see part of the story. But if we, throu

Spoiler Alert

"Spoiler Alert" may change the way you view your life.


Shortcuts can be very tempting and also very dangerous, especially when we try to apply them to our spiritual walk and relationship with God


Sometimes it seems like what we can actually do is so little to save the world. But through God's harmonics, we can proclaim God's glory to

New Year's Revolution 2016

In this message we learn how to be a vessel of honor and not dishonor and live by the spirit and not the flesh.

Law & Order

In this message we learn to live by God's law and not by our own flesh.

Raising The Bar

In a time when the world is constantly trying to lower the bar for what is morally acceptable, we the church need to raise the bar to what G

Christmas Cheer

Even though we sing songs about Christmas cheer and call it the most wonderful time of the year, many times there are many emotions except f


We will look at the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus taught us to pray the words "Lead us not into temptation" and what that phrase means to us an


Do you feel like your life has been chewed up and spit out? Or do you know someone who seems to have no hope? We will hear about God's amazi

Seeking The Lost

Jesus has called us to be active followers, not just consumer Christians. It is important that we pick up our cross and follow Him, if we ar


We learn about the importance of Godly community and the synergy that comes from it.

What Matters Most

If you possess something of great value, it is important to take precautions so that it is not stolen by a thief. This is common sense in ph

Counting the Cost

Jesus paid the ultimate price for each of us to be called a child of God, but it will cost us something to follow Him. It's important that w

Under God

We will look at the extreme importance of why "Under God" is the keystone of our nations survival. We will study the history and impact of h

Follow Me

To truly follow Jesus, you must truly trust Him. The only way to truly trust HIM is to get to know Him. We will learn about one of the most

The Pursuit of Happiness

We look at life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Happiness can be very difficult to find in this world seeing we are usually surround

A More Excellent Way

We look at a better way of praying for blessing in our life. Many times we have not because we ask not, and we ask and receive not because w


There are many sounds that we hear all around us, each one with some significance. We look at what sounds we must listen to and what sounds

For Christ's Sake

In this message we learn to live "For Christ's Sake"

God The Provider

God desires abundant life for each of us, but before we can live in that abundance, we must grab hold of the reality of who God is and why w


The things we rely on speaks volumes about what we truly believe. The question is, are you reliant on what you should be?

Follow Through

There are many areas in life that your follow through will mean the difference between success and defeat. Our walk with Christ is an area w

Grace Like Rain

Ever wonder what amazing grace really is? We will use science to help us understand what God's grace is and how amazing it really is.


We will learn what worship really means.

10 Commandments

We will discuss the very serious matter of God's leadership in our life to have a blessed life.

Finding Peace

God has a peace that goes beyond our understanding, we will look at both obtaining and keeping that peace.

Patient Continuance

In this life we will face disappointments, discouragements, and setbacks, but we have a promise that those who endure to the end shall be sa

Rejects, Misfits, & Nobodys

It's easy to feel like a useless nobody, but God wants you to know that even though you may sometimes feel like a nobody, you are somebody i

Psalm 34

Psalm 34 is jam packed with a wealth of spiritual understanding.
we will unpack this chapter and see what it has for us.

Perfect Timing

The timing might seem good or bad, but when your life is hid in Christ, it is always "Perfect Timing"

The Art of Godly Living

Living Godly can be a challenge in today's society, but God wants to equip you to be able to be more like Him, no matter what choices societ


We all have struggles in our life. The question is, will you let the weight of struggles bring your life to a screeching halt or will you le

No Chaos

There is no chaos for those who put their trust in Jesus, but at times, life can still seem a little chaotic. We look at 3 storys that demon

Signs and Wonders

At Unite Church "Signs & Wonders" where we will be diving into the sign of Jonah that Jesus spoke about.

Plan A

God has a perfect plan for your life, and is working everything out for those who are faithful to Him. We learn to relax in God's plan A eve


We look at mud bogging and momentum!

Listening and Hearing

"Listening and Hearing" learn the difference between the two that could change your life.

If My People...

With all the chaos in the world right now, it's easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed or hopeless. We can impact the world, but it begins in a

Living a Godly Life in an Ungodly World

Many people have fallen into the ungodly lifestyles of the world around them, we look at how to remain sane while living around the insanity

Where the Spirit of the Lord is There is Freedom

Where the Spirit of the Lord is thee is Freedom.


Cause sometimes you just need a little R&R (sermon)

Titanic Mistakes

We look at finding peace when the world is making titanic sized mistakes.


Everything around us affects us to some extent. The question is, what is in your life, and how is it affecting your eternal destination.

Prophecy Lessons

There are many things that we can learn from prophecy in the Bible. Sometimes we do not realize how much prophetic lessons can be applied to

Grounded Settled

As the popular world culture turns more and more towards darkness, now more than ever, it is imperative that those who strive to walk in the

Battle Cry

As we celebrate our God given freedom, let us remember that we are free to share the riches of Christ, to speak the name of Jesus anywhere a

Recipe For Success

Our society sometimes struggles with even the definition of true success. We look at what success really is and how to achieve it.

Brand New

Jesus makes us a new creation when we give our hearts to Him. We are reborn into a new and wonderful life with Christ! But as with any newly

The Power of Surrender

Giving up our control to God, is one of the most difficult ideas for someone, that God is drawing to Him, to accept. But when you understand

More Power

The apostle Paul teaches us that in this life we are running a race, and that we need to run to win. And what is the best way to assure that

The Story of Noah

Noah faced some very unique challenges in his life, but through his patient faithfulness and trust in God he found victory even in perilous

Holiness to the Lord

There are many ideas about what holiness is, but one thing is not debatable, and that is without the holiness that the Scripture teaches, no

The Gatekeeper

We have been placed in charge of an important gate, we must learn when to open it and when to shut it.

Lord of the Harvest

The harvest is abundant, let's see what God can do through us to bring them into the love and protection of our almighty Father.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

We have a God given connection with Heaven so that we can impact earth. Learn how to use those keys effectively.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

There are good excuses, bad excuses and people who act ugly. No matter what excuse we may use, or how ugly people may be, the truth is that


Many of the most vicious viruses in the world become very weak when they are exposed to light, heat, and oxygen. We learn that the sin that


"FoundationS" if it feels like you have been standing on shaky ground, find your footing and remember where you stand.


We are all aliens in some sense, the real question is where and what are we an alien to that will determine where your eternal home will be?


Having trouble moving forward against a giant? We find the mighty weapon to beat the giant every time.

Walk in the Spirit

This message "Walk in the Spirit" is about finding your God-given purpose in life, and the byproducts of finding that purpose is the joy and

Thread of Blue

Many people reached out to grab hold of the border of the garment of Jesus, and as many as touched were healed. In this message we look at h


Friendships are more important than you might think, there is strength in friends, but many people fail to use the great power of friendship

God is Faithful

Sometimes it's hard to trust anything in this world, but the one thing we must understand is that God is good and faithful and we can always

The Thief

The Devil comes to steal kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life abundantly. The devil is trying to make a deal with you, but if yo

The Thorn 1

Everyone of us will experience some kind of thorn in the flesh. Sometimes the thorn seems like more than we can bare. Fortunately, by the sa

Shine 1

Sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zone into the spotlight, so that people around us can see the power of God working in and through

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...

Learning to be kingdom minded is a crucial part of our walk with Christ. We will learn about what being kingdom minded means and what the tr

The Resistance Series 1

We have access to a life of victory through Christ, But yet many live their life being oppressed by humanities enemy. It's time to join The


The atmosphere of this world can leave you hopeless and miserable. God wants to change the atmosphere you live in so that you can have life

By Grace, Through Faith

Our salvation and victory is through faith, not over, under, or around faith, but THROUGH faith. Learn how to claim victory through uncertai

Ask Seek Knock

Seek and you will find! That is our promise from God. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We will see what that really looks

God All Mighty

Adversity is a crucible of greatness. WE will learn the term "God Almighty" and find out what that really means. We will learn why we must f


The Bible teaches us to be ready in season and out of season to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, there are many who turn

The Ingredients of a Christian

Jesus calls us to strive to be like Him. We will look at some important ingredients to being "Christ-Like"

From Anxiety to Peace

God desires our peace, the devil desires our misery. Learn how to go from the misery of anxiety to the joy of peace.

Sow What Now

Does parts of your life seem like there drying up? God has provided a source of living water. Learn how to tap into that source.


The message "Home" God wants us to understand what and where home really is. We look at what and where to look to find the place we can trul

New Year's Revolution

This is the year of Jubilee. The enemy has stolen, enslaved, and imprisoned long enough! It's time for you to reclaim the abundant life that


This message "Inspiration" sure to make u think about thinks.


Our way will run us into a ditch. God's way will keep us on the highway to victory. Sometimes we lose track of what's really important. We w

Becoming Complete

The world promises the feeling of being complete with the next raise, or relationship, or when various situations are different, or that ma


In a great dessert recipe there are both sweet and bitter. But a combination of both sweet and bitter the final product is a sweet treat. Li


The Story of Christmas began many years before that famous night in Bethlehem.You may not completely understand why the Christmas story is i

A Christmas Carol

Jesus was born into the world to save us, but that was not the end of the story, bu the beginnin

Check Your Attitude

Don't forget to check your attitude

The Golden Compass

Sometimes it's easy to get off track, we need a compass that will never fail

Vision & Values

God sometimes limits His work in our life by what we believe He is able to accomplish


God will do amazing things in your life if you will just trust Him

Deal With It

Start passing the test of life by learning to deal with adverse situations and people

The Power of Fasting and Prayer

Jesus said "when you fast" not if you fast

Battle Cry

The perfect defense is never a good offense. Start gaining ground in your life today

The Power of Words

The power of life and death is only words away

Judge Not

Judge Not is a very important directive, learn how to follow that directive

Consider The Source

There is only one place that we can find lasting joy and peace, and it's not this world

The Path of Victory

The anointed path is not always easy but always takes you to the right destination

Where is Your Faith

To have faith is not enough, we must know where our faith is placed

Created Called Chosen

Created for a purpose, no matter what

Finding the Peace of God

The worlds peace is not the same as God's peace. God's peace is not contingent upon the worlds peace and is not temporary.


Jesus died for our freedom, how not to let it be taken away

The Flame

Unite's flame explained

Understanding Baptism

Want to know more about the whats whys and who's concerning baptism? Take a listen

The River

We learn in this message that God wants to use us as a instrument of revival.


One of our advantages as a Christian is the access to a loving family to encourage us in times of hardship


Learning to be a Hezekiah in a Ahaz world

Look Up

There is supernatural strength available to God's people, you just have to know where to look

Water Walkers

Walking by faith is God's will for us. Learn how to stand, walk, and run in faith

The Transformer

Jesus wants to transform our life into something great

Lost and Found

We must help those ensnared by the enemy while being protective of our own salvation.


At times, the Apostle Paul was no saint. Learn how he overcame his shameful past.

Obedience Is Better


Like A Child



There was much more to the crucifixion than you could ever imagine